Dogs are definitely dubbed man’s best friend for a variety of reasons. This is probably why they are among the most popular pets. You can reciprocate the love which you receive from your dog by providing it with healthy food. There is a variety of factors that you have to take into consideration when choosing healthy dog food. Some of the main ones are highlighted below.

Age of the Dog

The nutritional needs for dogs vary depending on their age. This means that you have to look for pet food which is formulated to meet the dietary requirements of your dog. Doing this will ensure that it gets all the essential ingredients required to keep it healthy. Food for a puppy, for example, will have high protein content to support its growing muscle tissue.

Size of the Dog

There are dog foods formulated for dogs of specific sizes. Large or gigantic dog breeds, for example, may benefit from dog food which is made from glucosamine to help improve the health of joints. Small breeds, on the other hand, will enjoy foods with bite-sized kibble.

Activity Level of the Dog

A very active dog, such as one which participates in competitive sports, will burn more calories than a less active one. An athletic dog may, therefore, benefit a lot from a nutrient-dense diet to ensure that it has enough energy supply. For a dog which is not too active, you may want to consider dog food designed for weight management.

Specific Needs of the Dog

Your dog may have conditions which require specific nutritional needs. If your dog has sensitive skin, for example, you should feed it with food that is formulated to help with the condition. Feeding your dog correctly can even help to reverse the situation and maintain it in a healthy state.