It is undoubtedly your responsibility to ensure that you provide your pet with the right food which will keep it healthy. It is often easy to feed your pet with the right food while at home. But if you are going for a vacation, serving your pet with the portions it is used to, often tends to be a far fetched idea, especially if you have not packed the food that your pet is familiar with. As a tip, always bring plenty of pet food when on holiday, especially if your pet has stomach issues.

How to Determine If Your Pet Has Stomach Issues

There is a wide range of symptoms which can be presented in your pet if it has stomach issues or allergies. Examples include stomach pain, discomfort, and change in behaviour, among others. Getting to the root cause of the problem might be a bit more challenging, as it might be another problem causing the symptoms. Feeding your pet with the right food can help to alleviate the symptoms.

Causes of Sensitive Stomach

Stomach sensitivity in pets can be caused by various food ingredients or substances, including those which are common and seem harmless. Specific components, however, may cause or worsen the stomach sensitivity of your pet. You need to figure out what those ingredients are and remove them from the diet. Feeding your pet with more natural food also helps to reduce the chances of stomach issues.

How to Choose the Right Food for a Sensitive Pet

You have to find food which won’t cause a stomach upset for your pet if you know that it is sensitive. You can start by trying any of the many pet foods marketed as hypoallergenic. The best way, however, is to design a specific diet that works for the pet. You should also avoid feeding the pet with raw food as that can increase its sensitivity.