As a dog owner, you have the responsibility of carefully feeding it with the right diet. This will ensure that it remains energetic and in good health. There are many options for dog food to choose from in the market, which makes it quite challenging to choose the right one.

When travelling abroad, in most instances, you will discover that your pet’s favourite food might not be readily available at another location. This means that you will have to switch the dog food brand in your next purchase. Below are some of the effective ways to make the switch.

Consider the Age of Your Dog

There are different kinds of dog food designed for dogs of different ages. You should ensure that the food which you are switching to matches the age of your dog. Buying puppy food, for example, is not a good idea if your dog is already past that age.

Switch a Little at a Time

Switching the dog food all at once may not be an effective way, as your dog will need time to get used to the new food. It might also result in stomach issues and allergies for the dog, especially if it has a sensitive stomach. A good idea is to introduce any new food in small portions at a time. You can start by serving it with half of the portion being the old food and the other half being the new one to make the transition easier.

Keep an Eye on the Dog

You should monitor the behaviour of your dog a little more during the transition, to determine if the new food has any adverse effects on it. If your dog changes behaviour, stops taking enough water, gets gassy or experiences anything unusual, you should consider reverting to the old food, slowly.