Moving can be quite stressful for pets, just as much as it would be for people. The moving process and the new environment can stress the pet out, and result in a change in behaviour if it is not done right. Below are a few tips to help make the entire experience calmer for your pet.

Contact Your Vet

It is vital that you get a vet to examine your pet before moving. The vet will also give you any prescription medication which your pet may need, as well as all the treatment records. They can even recommend a great vet who works around the area that you will be moving to.

Keep the Pet Away from the Action

It is recommended that you keep the pet locked in its carrier, kennel, pet house, or leave it with a neighbour or friend when moving. This will reduce its anxiety and prevent it from experiencing stress. You should also maintain its routine, such as taking it for a walk at the time that you usually do.

Don’t Let the Pet Out

It is essential to keep the pet in its carrier or kennel until it gets in the new home. This is because it can wander and get lost in a new neighbourhood, even if it is usually docile. Let it stay in the new home for a couple of days before you let it out so that it can adjust. You can introduce it to familiar items such as toys to help it adapt to its new environment.

Update Its Information

After moving with your pet, one of the first things that you should do is update the address information on its tag. If the pet has a microchip implant, ensure that you update its data as well. This will make it easy to find your pet in case it gets lost in the new neighbourhood.